The Art or Act of Creation of Human Life & Other Lives is very mysterious & largely unknown:

§  There are Physical Elements, Non-Physical Elements & Spiritual Elements

§  Creation links us to Itself through the Dzordzorme  Dzorfe Tsieka (Original Creation Chord), Dzorfe Tsieka (Creation Chord), Fofolika Tsieka (Umbilical Chord) & other Means

§  Dzorfe Tsieka (Creation Chord) Is Unbreakable & Undetachable

§  Dzorfe Tsieka  (Creation Chord) Is Connected to us through Our Mothers  Womb, Birth, Life, Death & throughout the  Journey

§  Dzorfe Tsieka  (Creation Chord) is invisible to the ordinary Naked Eye

§  Dzorfe (Creation) places us on Earth & other Omniverse locations that are oblivious to us

§  Fofolika (Umbilical Chord) is Detached at Birth but Creation Chord stays with us

Elements of Creation 


Birth, Life, Death, Transition, Birth, Life Death – Continuum



Illusion, Temporary, Not Permanent, For Rent


Non Physical

Unlimited Spiritual Energy Force Within and Without



It appears that through self-realization/consciousness, awakening the true self (spirit) through the understanding of what life is all about, discovering and connecting the various pieces of the truths about life - the truth that some people will never see because they are not looking properly.


Reprogramming of the mind to focus on the inner man. It is discovering how we can create a happier reality and much more through self-realization which is the expansion of one’s own consciousness and capacity to emit & receive love, peace and joy.

(Withdrawing into a state of solitude for a paradigm shift).   It is mainly through our open heart and expanded consciousness that we connect and then merge with higher parts of ourselves.

(Uniting one’s self with the Creator)  

The known and unknown universe (Creation) are still very mysterious and there is no concise evidence ascribing their nature and boundaries. (Unfathomable, ineffable, unknowable and undifferentiated) 

The Youth will be the main Ambassadors of AOH who will draw inspiration from Creation, our Elders and Ancestors to spread and share Love and interconnections with ALL inhabitants to all corners of the Earth and the Omniverse.

Act or Art of Creation

The creation chord could also be referred to as chord of consciousness which is represented by the spinal cord as the bridge that connects humankind vertically from the Creator to Mother Earth. 

There is also the Pelvis which acts as horizontal bridge to connect you to your neighbours at both left and right sides. Where the chord of consciousness meets the Pelvis is called the Centre and this centre must achieve equilibrium as it regulates your spirituality including your entire moral state of living.