AOH Proclaims the Enlightened path to humanity and Life bound by Love tied in knots.

AOH shares attributes such as elements of Earth, Life, Air, Light, Fire and also our Black identity in our Logo. 

The Supremacy of Sound Expression in Anlo-Ewe 

Gbe or Gbelↄlↄ 

(greeting) refers to the aesthetically pleasing integration of sound and vibration to express love and care for members of the community with children being the priority on the list. Having a sound sleep in Anlo-Ewe context amounts to a peaceful and healthy life and this theme runs across the entire system of greeting.

What is very fascinating about this institution is that during the exchange of greeting, the harmonious call and response sound integration becomes music and the gestures performed by the members including nodding of the head and handshakes could be said to constitute dance. The importance of greeting in Anlo-Ewe culture also reveals that the upbringing of children as well as the welfare of the community members is a joint and united responsibility. Members of the community have a collective responsibility of making sure that children are trained according to the shared values and norms in line with the traditions of Anlo-Ewe society. Why do we say Efↄa and not how are you? 

‘Gbe’ as prayer. ‘Gbedoda

 is the term referring to the use of sound integration with movements and gestures to invoke and activate the spirit and working powers of the creator of the universe through their ancestors. Most of these traditional prayers are done through Tsifodi (Pouring of Libation).

Gbe as authority and power with which things are called into being? Eg, Gbesa (prophetic word)

Gbe as life (Agbe) What does it mean when I say I am not well sound?